We Are All 'Ohm K'

Originally published on YOGANONYMOUS — April 27, 2016

Wearing new clothes for the first time has a sort of transformative quality.
It brings back that childhood feeling of picking out and wearing your "first day of school" outfit. You're confident, you feel good in what you've got on, and you're ready to seize the day. Sauntering to work, an event, or yoga class in new gear gives us that same feeling—an extra pep in our step—which may allude to the fact that retail therapy is real, ladies and gentlemen. This is especially true when you're spending your hard-earned cash on clothes that look good and do good.

Sustainable, charitable, and adorable, the brand Ohm K is spreading the good vibes around with their clothing line. Newcomers to the yoga wear scene, Ohm K's founders, Katie Lucas and Katharine Lucic, are a dynamic duo in Williamsburg, Brooklyn hoping to help others embrace living Ohm K.  

What It Means to Live 'Ohm K'

“We started saying, 'It's all going to be Ohm K,' to each other and it turned itself into our message. This idea that you're Ohm K, I'm Ohm K, we're all Ohm K. Wherever you are on your journey to wellness," says Katharine. "Whether you're just starting to hit the gym for the first time in years, or whether you're a triathlete, or a seasoned yogi—you're Ohm K exactly as you are. If we can be here to support you on your journey to wellness by helping you with motivational tank tops and providing a really strong community—that we have around the country at this point—then we're here for you.”

But frequently we're quick to place happiness in a distant, often difficult to reach, place. I'll be happy when I'm not single, I'll be happy when I lose weight, I'll be happy when... We think. The list goes on and on. But honestly, the women of Ohm K want to drive the point home that you're Ohm K just as you are, right now, in this moment. 

Happiness doesn't have to live in your goals, it should exist with you day in and day out as you strive to reach them. With cute tank tops covered with motivational phrases like “Every Chatarunga Counts,” Ohm K wants every woman to realize that every step of the journey counts. They spread their message loud and proud: “Love yourself now, as you are, YOU are Ohm K.” 

Oddly enough, Katharine and Katie were just acquaintances before they jumped into business together—but their friendship really blossomed as they created the company. Both were taking and teaching classes at the same yoga studio when Katie first pitched her hilarious ideas. “Katie came skipping up to the [front] desk [of the studio] and said, 'Wouldn't these be hilarious yoga tank tops?' ” Katharine recalls. “I started cracking up and everyone else who was standing at the desk just sort of looked at us like we were crazy.” 

Some of the laughable and equally lovable ideas from Katie turned into Ohm K's first designs. Catchy, “punny” sayings like: “You ain't nothin' but a down dog,” and “Ohm My God Becky.” Katie keeps the yoga-puns rolling. “She's brilliant,” Katharine says of her business partner, Katie, “she's hilarious, and she comes up with all of our puns.”

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But this brand is more than just wordplay and cute tank tops. 

Keeping It Local 

“We're all about supporting jobs and growth and support in communities that we deeply believe in. Number one being Brooklyn,” Katharine says. Based out of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, both Katharine and Katie like to keep things local when they can. Proud supporters of the arts, and artists themselves, the two look to find artists in the area to collaborate with on designs. 

What's more, Ohm K believes in letting the artists determine their worth. Most people in the art world, especially those just starting out, will understand that it's difficult at times to find work, let alone good-paying work. “We don't set a price. We talk to each of our independent artists about what they want their art to be worth, and we pay them accordingly—and we don't hire them or work with them until we have the funds to be able to pay them what they deserve,” Katharine explains. 

Going Green 

It's no secret that an increasing number brands are working to adopt more eco-friendly methods of production. (And it's about time!) For Ohm K, Katharine and Katie look to do the same, but admit there's a bit of a learning curve involved. We're not all masters of environmentalism, so, of course a lot of work and research has to go into finding the most sustainable ways to produce materials. 

Ohm K is also looking beyond the fabric, working to ensure that “every single thing that is attached to an Ohm K garment is recyclable,” according to Katharine. And this includes not just the price tag on the clothing itself, but also the paper that receipts are printed on and mailers as well. “It's all post-consumer waste materials," explains Katharine. Sustainability for the win!

The brand also launched an "Eco-Elephant" line this past winter that is just as cute as it is environmentally conscious. By teaming up with companies in California, Ohm K was able to create the clothing in the Eco-Elephant line from “88 percent recycled bottles.”

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Giving Back

“Donating and giving back was never really a question,” Katharine explains, “it was just something where we were like, 'We're doing this.' ” Perhaps it's derived from their innate desire to help and take care of others, but regardless of where the urge originated, the two couldn't imagine not helping out when, and where, they can. 

Currently, Ohm K is giving back to four different organizations, but hope to be able to support more as the company grows. With the launch of their next product they aim to select another charity they believe in to add to the list. Linked to their tank tops, with the sale of certain designs, one dollar is donated to the charity of choice. Ohm K supports Exhale to Inhale, an organization Katharine had been involved with prior to the launch of Ohm K that "offers free yoga to women who have suffered domestic violence.” Ohm K also supports Edible Schoolyard NYCMigrant Offshore Aid Station, and the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America.

If you want to learn more about the Ohm K brand, head to their website or check them out onInstagram and Facebook. Interested in becoming an Ohm K girl? The brand is always looking for ambassadors, and they're eager for more Ohm K girls to reach out! Send them an email atliveohmk@gmail.com to get involved. 

Photos courtesy of Ohm K


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