40 Ways to Have the Ultimate Yogi Staycation

Originally published on YOGANONYMOUS — July 19, 2016

We all could use a break.

We all deserve—and need—time to recharge. We're constantly pulled in a thousand different directions, day in, day out. A break from responsibility and routine can be so uplifting for the body, mind, and spirit. But getting time off of work or finding a baby (or dog!) sitter—among other obstacles—can be challenging, and sometimes soil vacation plans entirely.

That's where the staycation comes in. Turns out, you don't have to actually get away to experience the joys of a getaway. 

Give yourself the staycation you need—refreshing, relaxing, inspiring, productive, or invigorating. Do what you want to do. We'll jumpstart your daydreams with our tips for the best yogi staycation yet. Forget about standing in line for airport security or figuring out what to pack. You've already arrived at your destination: home.

40 Ways to Have the Ultimate Yogi Staycation

1. Catch a shooting star... Or at least try to. Spend a night stargazing.
2. Have a farm-to-blanket picnic.
3. Have a DIY day: Whip up a homemade face maskbody butter, or lip balm.  
4. Host a new moon goddess ceremony and dance beneath the moonlight. 
5. Take your yoga practice somewhere new. The beach, or the woods, perhaps?
6. Host a vegan potluck. For your dish go to a farmers market and see what inspires you.
7. Volunteer at your local animal shelter—maybe partake in some cat, dog, or bunny yoga.
8. Test out your sea legs and try SUP yoga. No ocean nearby? Give it a whirl in the pool! 
9. Sweat it out—go outside for a hike and find your true north.
10. Visit a local summer fair or carnival. Conquer your fear of heights and head for the Ferris wheel! 
11. Salute the sun: Set your alarm clock and catch a sunrise. 
12. Do good, feel good: Donate items you no longer use. Then treat yourself to something you've been pining for.
13. Draw a bubble bath and unwind in a sea of bubbles. Maybe light some candles or incense.
14. Get creative and colorful: Revamp your wardrobe with some tie-dye projects.
15. String up the hammock and simply relax. 
16. Grab a sage smudge stick and cleanse your space. 
17. Take a step outside your comfort zone—perhaps this is the time to try skinny-dipping!? Or there's always naked yoga...
18. Learn a new skill, knitting perhaps? 
19. Get your aura photographed.
20. Grab a good read and get lost in the pages. 
21. Indulge. That slice of decadent chocolate cake you've been dreaming of? Treat yo' self. 
22. Get inspired: Visit an art exhibit or museum
23. Make a scrapbook of your happiest moments.
24. Send snail mail and say hello the old-fashioned way! Handwritten letters are hugely underrated.
25. Get a Tarot card reading. 
26. Strike up a conversation with a stranger—maybe the yogi whose Crow Pose you've been eyeing.
27. Put on your chef hat and create something new. Challenge yourself to homemade sushi!
28. Lay in the grass and watch the sunset. 
29. Pamper yourself. Get a massage, some acupuncture, or a manicure—or all three!
30. Camp out in your backyard or make a fort indoors. 
31. Grab a partner and give AcroYoga a try (carefully!). 
32. Enjoy breakfast in bed. 
33. Head out in nature and just be. Enjoy the smells, sights, and sounds.
34. Take time to reflect; write in your journal
35. Go for a bike ride on an unfamiliar trail. 
36. Challenge yourself to go zero waste for the duration of your staycation. 
37. Check out an outdoor concert.
38. Mix up your yoga practice and try something new. Hula hoop or aerial yoga, anyone? 
39. Plant some flowers or start an herb garden.
40. Play! Break out the rollerblades or fill up some water balloons and super-soakers.

What would you add to this list? Share in the comments below.

Photo by Ali Kaukas


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