Crystal-Infused Summer Cocktails

Originally published on YOGANONYMOUS — June 28, 2016  

Whoever said the cure for anything is salt water must never have tried a crystal-infused cocktail. 

As powerful as they are beautiful, crystals are a natural way to add vitality to our everyday lives. When used properly and with intention, crystals can energize, cleanse, and more.

We often associate the power of crystals being harnessed within jewelry—like crystal pendants—or through the use of crystal grids and altars. But there's another interesting way to tap into the energetic power of crystals, and it's likely one you've never considered. 

Crystals can be served up inside our favorite classic cocktails—or mocktails—as a new way to refresh and energize our spirits. 

Become a “mindful mixologist,” and craft crystal-infused conscious cocktails based on your intention, or choose a theme. Crystals can be used to provide a sense of calming, to offer empowerment, love, abundance, and success. The possibilities and the combinations are seemingly endless. 
Below, some cocktail elixirs that are sure to delight your taste buds, and your spiritual energy.  

Keep Calm and Carry On 

Looking for inner peace and stress relief? Then Energy Muse's Lavender Mojito recipe infused with amethyst is ideal. Calming lavender pairs nicely with the anti-anxiety, healing properties of amethyst to provide a soothing treat for the spirit. Also a protection stone, amethyst is perfect for someone looking to repel negative energy and attract good vibes. 

Crystal Clear 

You can't go wrong with clear quartz, it's multipurpose, and a staple in any crystal collection. So drink clear, think clear—clear quartz is said to provide clarity, and aid with focus. Clear quartz is also a great stone to turn to when you need to hit the reset button on your vibrations and spiritual energy.

The Spirit Science suggests letting your crystal sit in a pitcher or glass of water at least an hour or two, if not overnight. This process, according to The Spirit Science, is said to “create an energetic infusion with the water" as the "structure of the water will align energetically to the vibration of the crystals.” We're not sure if this will work the same with seltzer water, but we're willing to give it a shot to improve the vibration of our summer cocktails.

Summer of Love 

Hoping to attract some summer love this year? Connect with your heart chakra, and opt for Energy Muse's Rose Quartz Lemon Spritzer. Rose quartz is the ultimate go-to crystal for anyone looking for a dose of love. It's bound to be as refreshing and revitalizing for your body as it is for love—of all kinds! Unconditional love, self-love, family love, romantic love... Drink up all the love and take in the healing powers of lemon.


Herbs, spices, and crystals can even come together to make the perfect tea blend. Shops like Crystal Rocks and Gems and Crystal Vaults harness the energy of crystals like carnelian to craft powerful and healing teas, allowing those who drink them to get the benefits of the crystal on a physical and spiritual level. Carnelian is a powerful stone for obtaining harmonious, balanced energy throughout the body. 

To try it yourself place some carnelian, ice, and a splash of your favorite imbibing liquid in a tea cup, then brew and add in your favorite summer tea. Crystal Rocks and Gems utilizes a grounding tea mixture of dandelion root, guarana root, blackberry leaf, olive leaf, and red clover to pair with carnelian. Added bonus: Carnelian is also said to bring luck and fortuity... So keep an eye out for promising new opportunities! 

Sunshine in a Glass 

Summer and sunshine go hand in hand. Harness those light, feel good, sunshine-y summer vibes with beautiful citrine. Said to be the stone of good fortune, citrine brings with it the power to help you manifest your dreams and goals. So set your intentions for a successful, abundant future and turn to Energy Muse's Sparkling Citrine Citrus Cooler to attract happiness and prosperity.

Feel free to get creative and mix up the perfect cocktail and crystal pairing based on what you feel you need to manifest most in the moment. Cheers!

Photo by Maggie Peikon


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