Bunny Yoga—It's a Thing

Originally published on YOGANONYMOUS — January 28, 2016

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Little Bunny Foo Foo hopping through the... Yoga studio? Yup, you read that right.

We've seen dogs in the studio (hello doga), and cats too, but now, at last, bunnies get their time on the mat—and for a good cause, too.

Bandaids for Bunnies was founded by Krystal Madsen in 2012, in an effort to help rescue rabbits and provide them with the shelter and medical attention they need. Ever since then the nonprofit has been dedicated to the welfare of Richmond, British Columbia's abandoned bunny population. 
So, how did these rescued bunnies make their way to the yoga studio?

Janet Keating, a board member at Bandaids for Bunnies, says it started as a joke when a board member's sister suggested bunny yoga. Bandaids for Bunnies has since teamed up with Sunberry Fitness to offer a (wildly popular) bunny yoga class. 

So popular in fact, that according to the Bandaids for Bunnies Facebook page, their next class sold out in just six hours. From the idea to the reality, Keating says that bunny yoga “has been an amazing experience.” On top of the fun, Sunberry Fitness donates the profits of their bunny yoga classes to Bandaids for Bunnies.

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While we can think of few things cuter than sharing our mats with these adorable little rescued bunnies, these yoga classes do still have a central purpose, and that is to help bring awareness to the growing population of Richmond's abandoned, and now rescued, bunnies. 

Keating says one of the biggest issues, and potentially a reason why so many bunnies are being “dumped,” is a lack of understanding on part of the owners. “It's not understanding a rabbit, what their needs are, if they're sick, how they react, not knowing when they're in pain,” she explains. 

Thankfully, founder Madsen is a vet-tech by trade and, according to Keating, she is "able to provide guidance to rabbit owners, fosters, and adopters."

The mission, and overall goal of Bandaids for Bunnies is to get abandoned bunnies off the street, get them spayed and neutered, and prep them for foster and adoption. With the aid of donations, funds from Madsen, and the help of an incredible veterinarian (Dr. Joseph Martinez of Little Paws Animal Clinic), Bandaids for Bunnies has been able to rescue and support nearly 200 bunnies in need. 

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Want to help the cause, but can't make it to Richmond for a bunny-infused yoga session? Visit this donation page for Bandaids for Bunnies.

Photos courtesy of Bandaids for Bunnies


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