Ferris Wheel Yoga, Anyone?

Originally published on YOGANONYMOUS — June 21, 2016

Just in time for International Day of Yoga: Yoga classes will now be offered in the sky.

Classes held aboard the High Roller observation wheel in Las Vegas take the term “yoga high” to a whole new level. A level of 550 feet up in the sky, to be exact.  

While one might not typically associate a moment of peace and Zen with Sin City, you can now tap into serenity among fellow yogis in one of the 28 pod-style cabins on the world's largest Ferris wheel

Adding another interesting variable to the already intriguing yoga-in-the-sky practice, these classes will be taught with “silent Savasana.” This will truly be a practice where your senses are highly engaged—both from the sights and the sounds. According to Review Journal, silent Savasana is “a concept imagined by yoga instructor Dray Gardner about a year ago,” that allows yogis to feel as though they're experiencing a one-on-one yoga session. “Yogis wear a pair of wireless headphones, through which music and the instructor’s voice plays,” the Review Journal reports. 

Each yoga class will last an hour, which is the equivalent of two rotations around the wheel. While generally the cabins can hold quite a few people, accounting for mats and an instructor leaves space for about six yogis per cabin. The classes kick off today for International Day of Yoga and moving forward will be held seven days a week from 11:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m. (sign up 24 hours in advance).

If you love heights (or can put your fears aside) you can practice solo or with your tribe—or even while watching the sunset. You can also practice one-on-one with an instructor or book a class with your significant other.

So take in some killer views with this unique practice, and after you've found your center and a moment of peace among the chaos, you can then proceed to dive in to all that Sin City has to offer.

What do you think about Ferris wheel yoga—would you give it a spin? Share in the comments below.


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