10 Ways to Avoid Summer Festival FOMO

Originally published on YOGANONYMOUS — May 3, 2016

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We've all been there: You want to go to a summer festival so bad, but you just cannot get there.

The struggle is real, and undoubtedly there are quite a few other people out there feeling the same way. Fortunately there are ways to avoid that summertime sadness—some which will even cost you next to nothing. Explore your city and give some new activities a try. A lot of fun can be packed into one day, whether you're attending a Wanderlust 108 or trying out one (or more!) of the options below.

10 Ways to Counteract Festival FOMO

1. Head to an Outdoor Concert

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy concerts under the stars, in the grass, or beachside. Some towns and cities even offer these outdoor concerts for free. Heading to, or live in, NYC? Be sure to find out what Central Park SummerStage has to offer this year. 

2. Attend a Workshop

Sometimes the festivals we want to attend are just a tad too far away or we don't have the time or the funds. Attending a workshop can be a way to reap the benefits of some of the things a festival might offer without actually having to attend a festival. Want to make something with your own two hands? Your local craft store likely offers a ton of guided workshops to help you tap into your creative side. Are you a writer looking to hone your craft? Local bookstores and libraries often hold events open to the public (though you might have to sign up in advance). Looking for more of a wellness-focused workshop, seminar, or retreat? See what's available near you. 

3. DIY Festival

Oh yes, DIY festivals are totally a thing. (If you're having one, invite me too, please?) Honestly, you can totally do this all on your own or invite a group of friends, family, or even colleagues to enjoy with you. Make a killer playlist, invest in a few hula hoops, nosh on some healthy, organic eats (bonus points if they're from your garden), roll out your yoga mats, and enjoy an at-home festival al fresco. 

4. Visit Your Town's Summer Fair 

If you're from a town like me (Long Island represent!) it seems like summer fairs are happening at least once a week. Join in on the fun with your neighbors and have a day—or night—at the fair. Enjoy music, games, rides, vendors, and serious guilty-pleasure foods—some even offer pretty spectacular firework shows too. 

5. Join in on Outdoor Yoga Events

If you're in NYC and want to join yogis in the park be sure to head over to Bryant Park this summer for their thirteenth rendition of Bryant Park Yoga. Oh, and did I mention it's free? Just bring your mat andRSVP. For the West Coasters who love a trip to Runyon Canyon, there are—weather permitting—yoga classes offered there too (these classes are by donation). 
Also check with your local yoga studio to see if they offer any outdoor yoga classes when the weather warms. If they don't, and you're a certified yoga teacher, consider starting your own outdoor practice

6. Check Out Local Farmers Markets 

There's nothing quite like fresh summer fruits and veggies. During the warmer months it seems like farmers markets are popping up left and right. Whether your city is big or small there's likely a farmers market not too far away. Grab some goodies and make yourself a delicious and nutritious market fresh meal

7. Connect With a Cycling Group

There's nothing quite like the support and motivation that a group can bring. Join a cycling club on an outing for camaraderie and fun. One example, the Chicago Cycling Club, prides itself on being, and welcoming, a fun, diverse group. With a motto like “We Ride to Eat,” you know you'll have a good time. This club does historical Chicago excursions, beer tours, leisurely rides, and even trips to fun and interesting food destinations. Look around your city—there's probably a cycling or running group in the area eager for a new member.

8. Get Inspired at a TEDx Event 

If you're not headed to a festival you might miss some pretty awesome presentations from keynote speakers. But have no fear—that's why TED Talks are here. And there are also so many different TEDx events to attend, from TEDx in a Box, to TEDxWomen, to library events... The list goes on and on. But they all have one thing in common: You're sure to leave inspired. Click here to find out more about TEDx events. 

9. Dance It Out

Who doesn't love a good dance party? Festivals are nothing if not great places to move and groove. Of course if you can't make it to a festival, all hope is certainly not lost. In fact, you can find pop-up dance parties in cities like Miami from time to time (For good tunes, DJs, and good vibes, find out more about dancing in Miami here.). You can also check out The Get Down with Tasha Blank in New York City, and scope out the music scene in your local city. Side note: just like you can DIY a festival, you can totally DIY a dance party too! So press play and move to the music.

10. Head to the Hills 

One of the best parts of going to a summer festival is being outside. Fresh air, sunshine—actually, even getting caught in the rain would be fun. Getting some quality outdoor time in nature is key. So head to the hills for a hike, or if you're in a flatter area, just head out for a stroll. It's great exercise and you'll enjoy the time spent outside. Plus, if you have a four-legged friend they'll surely enjoy some QT with you outside as well (but they might not be welcome everywhere you're headed, so it's best to double-check that parks and paths are pet friendly). 

How do you fight festival FOMO? Share your tips in the comments below.


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