momofuku nishi & the impossible burger

we did the impossible!
that being: getting to momofuku nishi to grab 4 impossible burgers.

with a limited amount for happy hour, 
—and being the only place in the US to grab one of these burgers—
we realized the odds might not be in our favor. 
when it comes to the impossible burger,
it's first come first serve at momofuku nishi for lunch & brunch. 
the happy hour, birthday ('twas mama's b-day yesterday), and burger gods 
must have been watching over us, though,
as everyone was able to get one.

if you've been living under a carnivorous rock
and don't know what the impossible burger is,
here's a quick breakdown...
it's meat-free, 
and it bleeds—like a real burger would. 
the brains behind impossible foods 
put their heads together for FIVE years
to make the 'impossible burger' possible. 

according to impossible foods, the production 
of the burger is sustainable, too. 
they say:
"because we don’t use animals
we can make it using 95% less land, 
74% less water, 
and with 87% less greenhouse gas emissions. 
Oh, and without any hormones or antibiotics."

to which we say: huzzah! gimme one (or four)!
at first glance: undoubtedly the most convincing non-burger burger you've ever seen. 

side note: sadly, i didn't get to try the burger as it's not gluten free.

anyway, you know that silence that falls at the table
when the food arrives, and all are satisfied?
that happened. 

packed inside a fluffy bun, 
the impossible burger
comes topped with pickles, lettuce, tomato,
an unidentified sauce that no one objected to, 
and cheese—if you're not keeping it vegan.
oh, and a side of delicious, perfectly salted, fries, too. 

i know you're all probably dying to know what i got to eat.
and if you're not, sorry (not sorry), i'm going to tell you anyway. 
i went with the romaine walnut & tamarind appetizer
that was so generously portioned i didn't even need an entreé. 
i'd never had tamarind before,
and actually had to google it before ordering. 
(if you want to learn more about tamarind click here)
it was delicious, and i'm putting tamarind on my food shopping list immediately. 
i'm actually going to try to recreate this meal myself, so stay tuned. 

other post-burger foods on the table:
noodles: spicy beef— shells, mint, crispy shallots
entreé: roasted pork—rye, romano beans 
appetizer: tomato salad—tomato, basil oil


oh, and, another really cool thing that happened?
passing by a magazine vendor,
 seeing the magazine i write for,
and flipping to my piece.
this was the first time i got to see 
my name in print. 
best. feeling. ever. 



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