DIY: Smoothie Bowls

What's hugely popular, ridiculously aesthetically pleasing, and insanely delicious (and nutritious)? Smoothie bowls.

A simple scroll through instagram before I roll out of bed in the morning leaves me feeling two things: hungry - because I follow too many food accounts, and desperate for a vacation - because I follow too many wanderlust-inducing travel accounts. So, this morning when I came across an absolutely ridiculously delicious looking smoothie bowl in Bali I thought to myself, "self, you need to try and make one of these...and you need go to Bali" 

Plodding my tired slippered feet into the kitchen, I remembered just how spastic I can be in there and decided to check out some recipes and "how to's" to make the process a little more simple and fool (read: Maggie) proof.

Perusing through pictures of smoothie bowls was getting me super stoked to make one......until I saw the ingredient lists for some that basically included kisses from angels, the nectar of the gods, and fairy dust...aka nothing I had in my cabinets or pantry. I took bits and pieces from every recipe to get an idea of what I could use to puff up my standard breakfast protein shake and concocted an (EASY!) smoothie bowl recipe of my own.

Next time I will take actual measurements, but because I was really in a 'wing-it' kind of mood today I just threw it together.

Anyway, in my smoothie bowl is:
- 1 scoop vegan chocolate protein powder
- a little bit of old fashion oats
- some seed blend (chia seeds, flax seeds, buckwheat)
- a little sprinkling of maca powder
- a banana
- fresh almond butter from Fairway (this might actually be the nectar of the gods)
- a tiny splash of almond milk
- water & ice

(side note: just for reference, I used my magic bullet, which worked perfectly fine)

On top:
- a couple of banana bowls are tiny so it wouldn't fit more than 1/4 of a banana sliced thin
- unsweetened coconut
- some more of the seed blend

HUZZAH! Amazing smoothie bowl that truly came out way better than I anticipated - both in taste, and looks. I encourage you all to give it a shot, even if you're as much of a mess in the kitchen as me :o)



  1. Come over and make one for me!!!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!


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