-- The official LBIFF piece --

so this is a bit overdue,
i'd been meaning to write about our
(awesome) experience at this years
long beach international film festival

we started out the evening with a most
unexpected arrival at our front door.
as responsible drinkers we opted to
hire a car service for our trip out to
long beach, and they sent us a limo!
not nearly important for one we weren't
sure if we should be embarrassed or we just embraced it

we got there relatively early, much before the event
actually kicked off so we headed over to the 
allegria hotel to grab a drink and wait...
getting there early certainly has its benefits
as we had prime choice of seats for the evenings show

it was quite literally the most perfect day
for a beach event. not too hot and a perfect breeze.
naturally i didn't think to bring a sweater for
the evening, so i convinced my darling
to buy me a hoodie from ooh la la boutique's
beach stand. i hadn't heard of this store before
but now am a huge fan. also, host marisa hunter
was wearing one of ooh la la's dresses.
so cute!

once taste on the beach commenced
we headed into the tent to see what
each vendor had to offer. 
to start the evening off i opted for 
a bloody mary. GOOD CHOICE.
so delicious, the murph knows whatsup!!

we made our way around tasting 
a little bit of everything, but i have to say
swingbellys, you have my heart.
the best pulled pork i've had in 
quite some time. 
and they so graciously served it 
to me sans bun, as there were no 
gluten-free bread options around.
with an add on of their incredible
BBQ sauce and very healthy serving
of pickles i must have come back for
another serving-shamelessly- 5times!

This was LBIFF's first time 
adding Taste on The Beach to the mix
and it was such an incredible success!
amazing food from amazing restaurants 
and it drew in an immensely big crowd!
So grateful to have had the opportunity 
to attend this event for NextStop Mag! 

Co-Founder Craig Weintraub

The Spread from Caryle

Getting ready for the films to start...
LIVE drone footage on the screen!

the end.
xx MP


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