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Check out the review of West East Bistro here - NextStop Magazine

Few things make me happier than good food.
Seriously, few things. 
I'll admit I've passed West East Bistro
a few times before going in.
It's in a bit of an understated, 
slightly abandoned looking shopping center.
We saw a Groupon for it, where it explained more of 
the style of food offered there.
Which was quite different than my fiancé & I expected.
Farm to table, vegetarian options, and 
….drumroll please
not only is 90% of the menu gluten free
100% of the dessert menu is free!!!!
- pause for spontaneous blissful dancing -
dreams of sugar plums and chocolate cake
began dancing in my head. 

anyway…i digress. 
when we walked in really we were both pleasantly surprised
the "rough" exterior gives way to a beautiful interior
warm reds and oranges chosen to cover the walls
made for an inviting and calm atmosphere
while the soft music added
just that necessary extra touch of chill.
awesome portraits on the wall,
and a great bar placement 
made for a pretty darn cool Long Island restaurant.
cooler than what you'd have expected
from a quick drive by. 

the staff was so kind
and informative
and while my fiancé was a bit 
disappointed that there was no ginger ale,
he was pleased to find that his lemonade
was not only a healthier choice, 
but by far more delish and refreshing! 
not a single complaint on my end,
mango lemonade in hand :)

the menu proved to be impressive 
and expansive
and made it increasingly difficult to make
an entree decision. 

i went with: 
gluten free crab cake
pulled pork sandwich 
and naturally,
gluten-fucking-free delicious
chocolate cake. 
….it should be said, i don't get to indulge in 
delicious gluten free desserts terribly often
(hence the use of excited profanity)

anyway. this is a must. 
whether you eat gluten free or not
do your taste buds and your belly a favor 
head to west east bistro,
you will NOT be disappointed. 

and tell em large marge sent ya! 

jk, they won't know who that is….

chocolate cake,
heaven is a place on earth
with you <3 

xx MP 


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